January 18th will mark the second anniversary of the creation and inception of our “Battling The Monster” series of Health blogs, operating under the BattlingForHealth.com umbrella. We have 12 active blogs Battling Addiction – http://addiction.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Alzheimer – http://alzheimer.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Arthritis – http://arthritis.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Cancer – http://cancer.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Depression – http://depression.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Diabetes – http://diabetes.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Heart and Stroke – http://heart.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Multiple Sclerosis – http://ms.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Obesity – http://obesity.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Schizophrenia – http://schizophrenia.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Stress – http://stress.BattlingForHealth.com Battling Vision – http://vision.BattlingForHealth.com We would like to offer giveaways to our readers, and have a contest for each individual health blog [More]