A lot of my clients ask me all the time if they can destroy their financial records e.g. from 2002 now – since it’s six years ago – and I thought I would post my views what CRA means by the following news release. The following is now available on the CRA Web site: Did you know… That as a general rule, you must keep records and supporting documents, which are required to determine your tax obligations and entitlements, for a minimum of six years? Whether you have electronic or paper records, you may destroy your records earlier than your [More]
I have lots of data on my computer. I keep all my phone numbers, my time records, my accounts receivable and billings information, my client’s data files for each year for each software that I use, my email records, my wedding pictures, my .mp3 and video collection, and other crap that is just too much to mention. I am quite organized on my computer .. in fact, this is how I organize my C: Drive …. I am placing a | instead of the backslash so it will show up in here. |data| Generally, I keep generic folders under this [More]