Defending ourselves against political/government attacks we have to be able to recognize their tactics to avoid their lack of evidence and good faith. This article/video deal with a common tactic used by bureaucrats from at least three continents. When faced with their inability to support their claims, the predators will blame it all on the victim. Here, the tax agent, Samantha Russell of the Sudbury office of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), is unable to provide a single fact proving her claim the rules created by people called parliament, apply to a someone just because he’s physically in Canada. I [More]
[May 17, 2009] It was a million-dollar mistake that turned in to a 13-year battle. A British Columbia man lost almost everything in a tax tiff with the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA admits they were wrong, but now refuses to repay his money. 16:9 brings you the incredible story of how Irvin Leroux took on the taxman.