BOOKKEEPING 101 FOR SMALL BUSINESS (EASY EVEN IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ACCOUNTING) // Do you wonder how to do bookkeeping or how to track business expenses? This video will give you the bookkeeping basics so you will no longer be asking yourself what is bookkeeping. We talk about bookkeeping in a way that is bookkeeping explained easy. In this video, you’ll gain the bookkeeping skills necessary to create your own bookkeeping process. These bookkeeping tips will help you learn bookkeeping easily even if you don’t know anything about bookkeeping and accounting. At this point you may be wondering what [More]
When you try to do memes and it backfires… Accounting and Bookkeeping Why would you want to learn bookkeeping and keep up to date financial records anyway ? Can’t you hire an accountant to come after the end of the year and get your check book and shoe box and do your taxes ? Sure you can ! And yes you will have adequately fulfilled your taxpayer obligations. But in order to run a business and know what, where, and when to take corrective actions requires business information. How do you get and where do you find this information ? You don’t if you don’t keep accurate and [More] Accounting Rules Games such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and football all have rules. Accounting is no different. Accounting also has its own established set of rules and guidelines. Why do we need rules for sporting games and also accounting ? The answer is quite simply in order to know how to play the ‘game’. Everyone that plays the ‘game’ abides by the same rules. Let’s take a look at some of the rules used to play the ‘Accounting Game’. The Accrual Concept supports the idea that income should be measured at the time major efforts or accomplishments occur rather [More]
Along with a few new changes here at Ignite Spot, we’d also like to introduce a new series called Accounting Jokes of the Week, in hopes of brightening your day just a little bit at the start of each new week.
How accounting was done in the old days.
#taxday #standup #accounting Accountants are an interesting breed. They possess the math skills I don’t – I struggled mightily in Geometry, Algrebra/Trig and Pre-Calculus in high school. And because of their analytical minds, they tend to be perceived as boring and dry. For more on me: I spent two years traveling across the United States teaching communication skills to business professionals. One of my company’s clients was a major accounting firm. Two of my best friends are accountants. They both have a very interesting sense of humor. One in particular loves bad jokes and puns. Combine all of [More]
Introduction to Accounting. What is accounting? Accounting is a useful way of recording and summarizing financial information. Businesses use accounting to keep their financial information organized which helps them in making sense of their financial data and also keeps them compliant of financial regulations. Accounting consists of 2 parts. Bookkeeping and Analysis. Bookkeeping, which is also known as financial accounting, is the process of recording and summarizing financial information. Bookkeeping involves the recording of transactions such as sales, purchases and expenses which are then summarized and presented in the form of financial statements which show the overall health of the [More]
Learn how to start an online business at This lecture belongs to a very comprehensive course titled “How To Launch A Profitable Lifestyle Online Business” created by Miguel Hernandez, Founder of Grumo Media and top Udemy instructor. My goal in this course is to provide you with a solid understanding of how to start your own online business by sharing all the tricks, tools, and advice I’ve collected over the years. If you are already running an online business I think you will love to have an insight into the systems I’ve developed, get some ideas, and apply them [More]
Describes the many jobs which bookkeepers and accountants perform, the tools and education each must have and the types of advancement possible. To help with the A/V Geeks mission to share these forgotten films unearthed in their archive, this film and hundreds of others can be purchased on DVD ( Higher quality versions of this film can also be licensed for stock footage. Contact for more information.
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A man’s dream to become an accountant. – TRAILER
Isn’t it strange how you can love and hate something at the same time? Life’s funny that way. The real trick is to find out how to get the hate part to go away. So you can just enjoy the love part. That’s what this video is all about.
In 1980 a $3,500 10-megabyte hard disk was considered a bargain. We uploaded this 10MB video to YouTube, saving you a bundle. Hey, let’s do lunch and get the latest in Accounting technology here: Admit it: What was your favorite ’80s fashion? Tell us in the comments. How has accounting changed over the years? Watch all our #HistoryOfAccounting videos to find out: Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter —
In this video, Regina Pitts, Principal Accountant of Lend A Hand Accounting and Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor discusses reasons why you need accounting and bookkeeping services as a small business owner. This is part 1 of a 10 part series. This first video is all about utilizing the expertise of a seasoned accountant or bookkeeper to help you understand the financial health of your business. Regina talks about the importance of accurate financial reports, and how it is crucial to set up your QuickBooks Online account for the purpose of producing accurate and actionable financial reports. Financial reports are [More]
Quickfile is an online bookkeeping and online accounting software comes with great functionalities and simple and intuitive user interface. Quickfile offers a free basic package of their software to help small business owners, freelancers and contractors to manage their daily basis accounting needs easily and als to save money as well. Read our full review to know more about its features, functions, and pricing etc. Read More: Follow Us On Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:
Whose Line Is It Anyway? song #001 – from episode 001 “Songs of Accounting” performed for the game “Greatest Hits” This is the first video of a new playlist I am going to do of all the songs from Whose Line Is It Anyway in chronological order. The songs they sing are so amazing!
This video explains how online bookkeeping and accounting software helps your business operate more productively and manage growth. You’re learn about the importance of the chart of accounts, paying vendors on time, and managing payroll. The related blog post is here: Visit Accounting Accidentally to read 300+ blog posts on accounting and finance, and 400+ You Tube videos. Welcome To Accounting Accidentally!
Resource guide to getting started in the accounting and/or bookkeeping industry Updated full list: My favorite paid resource is Seth David’s Bulletproof Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online: Call our office 954-414-1524 to setup a private training/consultation about QuickBooks, Excel, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Taxes, and/or General Business Consulting (rates vary fro $250 to $525) for first consultation depending on length and consultant required. E-mail Hector your questions To setup a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Online and then a 50%
Accounting Cartoon. Accounting Comic. Accounting Joke For more accounting information see website.
In this episode, Gordon and accountant Julie Herres discuss common mistakes private practice owners make in regard to accounting. The first mistake is not knowing your numbers. Some standard numbers every owner should know are how much you are bringing in, your overhead, variable costs, and how much you need to take home each month. Another common mistake private practice owners make is not spending enough money?! Julie explains how essential it is to start spending money in order to make more money. For instance, once you have a waiting list, it must be time to start a group practice. [More]
understanding accounting, bookkeeping, finance key points. completely comprehensive guide, tutorial and free online course on how to teach yourself all the fundamental accounting, bookkeeping, and finance KEY POINTS presented in a simple, and interesting format.
It is essential that accounting professionals move to value pricing. Otherwise technology is going to surpass you! Thank you for watching my video. I have some free resources for you to help you master value pricing. If you would like to learn more about How to Price Your Bookkeeping Services, you can download my FREE ebook here: FREE LIVE TRAINING WITH ME EVERY MONTH Is this the year you want to take your income to another level? Join me every month on a 60-minute online training session and I’ll share with you powerful pricing strategies. Click here to find [More]
Reliable accounting services in Lithuania
Difference between bookkeeping and accounting |difference between accounting and bookkeeping|2019 About video In this video you guys study about the difference between bookkeeping and accounting|difference between accounting and bookkeeping|2019.and also about the accounting and bookkeeping. #bookkeeping #accounting #differencebetweenaccountingandbookkeeping #differencebetweenbookkeepingandaccounting #whatisaccountingandbookkeeping Hello every one my self pratishtha singh. Welcome to the my channel commerceps. #commerceps #commerce ABOUT CHANNEL the channel is related to commerce, or all the subjects of the commerce of any classe . It involves economics ,microeconomics, macroeconomic, business, and accounts. The channel help you in study for commerce related jobs and other many things. Please subscribe the channel [More]
Pretty much what I think of when anyone rattles off a load of numbers or stats…
A short fun little video for Accounting Club’s Beach Day event. Join UIC accounting club $35 for membership, $55 for shirt and pin Song: Bring Back Summer Gear: Canon 80D, 10-10mm 4.5-5.6f len, 50mm 1.8f len Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC
Starting your own accounting and bookkeeping firm means contemplating whether or not you need your CPA license or CPA certification in order to start a good practice. I’ll tackle this in this episode. Need Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax planning & Accounting? Check out XENDOO – Xendoo is my Favorite Small Business, All in One Solution for Bookkeeping Software, Bookkeeping Done For You, Payroll Software, Payroll Done For You, CPA Advice, Personal and Corporate Tax Return DONE FOR YOU – all rolled into one. Cost between $150 & $300 a month – but when you piece together everything you get, you’ll [More]
This video explains online bookkeeping tips, and best accounting practices for business. We discuss what cloud computing and accounting software allows you to growth your business and work more productively. This video defines bookkeeping, accounting transactions, and financial statements. The related blog post is here: Visit Accounting Accidentally to read 300+ blog posts on accounting and finance, and 400+ You Tube videos. Welcome To Accounting Accidentally!
In this video, I explain about the importance of keeping records of all of your expenses for Amazon FBA, which I have made easier by including a free Amazon FBA UK expense tracker. I then discuss two pieces of software that I love – Xero and LinkMyBooks, both of which completely automate book keeping and will reduce your accounting costs massively! To find out more about Xero, go to To learn more about LinkMyBooks, and to grab your 30% discount, go to ⭐The Ultimate Amazon FBA Course Package + My Unlimited Support – ✉️ To get in [More]