Tag-Board added to “1-800-HART” Blog

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I have added the code for the tag-board that I use on my other blog, PetLvr.com – [The Blog], directly in the sidebar of this 1-800-HART blog. Everything posted inside this ‘instant chat’ board will appear simultaneously on THIS blog, and the PETLVR blog.

Feel free to ask questions in this tag-board, if you prefer to do this rather than commenting on a specific blog entry or sending me email. I get an email acknowledgement whenever a post is made, and if I’m online when that happens, HART will come and chat with you in Real-Time.

Try it out! Visit both blogs and have a conversation with yourself!


HART says:

MEMO: Today, the Tag-Board site was down, and hanging up the loading speed of 1-800-HART .. So, I temporarily removed the Tag-Board from the sidebar.


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