Supplier Transactions (New, Edit, Inactive, PO, Bill, Expense, Payment) – QuickBooks Online

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This 13 minute video walks through:
– Creating a new supplier
– Editing supplier details
– Making suppliers inactive & reactivating them
– The Money Bar in QuickBooks Online
– Creating purchase orders, bills, expenses and making payments

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Hope Balzano says:

How do you apply a vendor expense to the vendor bill

Lahcen Tizi says:

Very good tutoring Mme.Thanks for sharing

Q Javed says:

First goes thru example of entering Suppliers BILL and then PAY BILLS.
At time 11.30, gives overview of how to enter Supplier EXPENSE

Q Javed says:

This video also deals with under and overpayment for a bill to a supplier

Rafaat Rahmani says:

How to edit a supplier – for example change currency from USD to GBP or vice versa?

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