Succession of my Father-in-Law’s business.. what else can I do .. but create another blog!

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I have created a new blog … called “Corydon Clock

My Father-in-Law is “Corydon Clock Repair”. He recently moved last year into a new location, and signed a lease for another 3 or 5 years! He is a clockmaker and quite a good one. He is very talented and can repair practically any antique clock that has been built. I registered his domain and created a simple website, at …

He turns 71 years old this Thursday.

At the turn of the new millenium, my wife and I had something very much in common. Our fathers were both self-employed and ready to retire. My father, partner in a Chartered Accountant firm, and her father, Sole Proprietor of a Clock Repair shop. I see this many times in my profession. One family member builds up a business all of his life and then wonders if his sibling will succeed them and take over the family business. It’s hard for the parent to hand over the reigns of the business to the children, and often the children want no part of the business.

In my case, I have been grooming towards this goal since 1998. My father purchased a trailer in Hemet, California and began to travel each year over the winter months to his new Winter home. What first began as a month or two evolved into a five and half month winter holiday. He would drive down the 3,450 km to Hemet, California with my mother and their trusty loyal dog “Peppy”. Meanwhile, I remained at the partnership firm which I have worked since 1985 taking on even greater roles and responsibilities by maintaining all of my father’s accounts, and getting the work done and on time. I wanted to take over his position and join forces with his partner, who I had known for 18 years and worked along side with .. but it just didn’t work out. When my father retired in March 2003, I left the firm and went out on my own, and every client of my fathers, stayed with me.

In my wife’s case, she was a little disgrunted with her work. She is a draftsperson who works on large transformers and was looking for some extra cash. It just seemed natural that she would learn the trade of her father. I mean, he was older than my father, but quite active in his business. He had noone to pass it down to. He had no staff. It was just him. That’s when “Corydon Watch Repair” developed.

We bought a “clockmaker” workbench, filled with tools and my wife started to repair quarts and mechanical watches, timers, and other neat stuff. We acquired cleaning machines, videos, tutorials, books, watch parts, watch crystals, and a whole bunch of “watch-related” information and supplies. It was going great. I can’t believe my wife would just sit for hours trying to learn why a clock wasn’t working and had the patience to fix it, or learn how to fix it.

But, then they created Sims. I’m afraid that there was a slight addiction by her .. that is my point of view.. of course, if I brought it up I would hear .. “get lost I am NOT addicted!” – from her point of view. It became obvious she lost interest in the clock room and the watch repair business. By Sims2 .. I have fully been using our Clockroom as a supplementary garbage room, I mean, filing room to hold my files in the ‘interim’ .. before I take them downstairs for proper filing and archiving.

Anyway .. I read many RSS feeds and one of my favorite is Darren Rowse at There was this post about blog networks and that really got me thinking. The post is here entitled , if you are interested. It got a little creepy at the end, but after my post #19, I started looking at all of these blog networks that are out there. Now, I have no interntion of starting a blog network, although I do have a bunch of blogs happening! One thing that I would have to do, if I were to have any success in my blogging and being able to add blogging to one of my consulting skills, is to get better focused.

Naturally, before I do any of that – I needed a name because, all the good blogging networks have cool names!

So, I immediately went and registered another domain … … I even designed a logo!

Okay, okay .. after a good lunch, I wondered it this name was a little too .. pretentious perhaps? And, maybe a little egotistical too. So, I registered another domain … … I also designed a logo for this one too.

Want to see my logos? Click here to see them, plus all of my domains.

At minimum .. I should have a blog for each of my 16 domains, right? Okay .. maybe not. But, I really want to create something for my father-in-law. His goal, is to retire at the end of his 3 or 5 year lease, and in the meantime up his business and sell it. I thought I would start a blog about his industry and see if I can learn from him, and from other sources around the internet on antique clock and watch repair. I am also hoping that I can generate interest for him, that might help him obtain a higher selling price on his business, when the time comes to sell. And, finally.. I hope that if I created a blog about Clocks and watches and repair of these, my wife might be interested in assisting me with the upkeep of this new blog, and perhaps get more interested in her father’s business .. while he is still able to help her and show her the ropes … I mean – he turns 71 this coming Thursday ..

The blog is called … Corydon Clock .. at ….. If you are involved with Antique Clock and Watch reviews, repairs, or for sale .. and wish to contribute to the blog as an author .. drop me a line .. with subject “Corydon Clock”.

Take care.


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