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Discover what it’s like to study Accounting at DeVry University, through student, alumni, faculty and employer testimonials. Explore the value of an accounti…


Endy Hernan says:

It’s sad to say that once in the real world a devry degree is worthless and
nothing more than a waste of your time 

xmepox says:

I go here! Almost have my second degree in accounting! 🙂 

DeVry University says:

@jairbear619 Thank you for reaching out to us. You can find more
information about our programs on our website or by calling
866-338-7941 and speaking with someone. Thank you again for your interest
in DeVry University.

DeVry University says:

Great! Thank you for sharing.

neongirl714 says:

I am a 12 year old girl and I know I am very young to already b thinking
about this but I am going to start saving to go to this university because
this is my dream. I do intend to go to a vocational high school to work in
business. And I intend to get my graduate, bachelor’s, and masters from
this school. I am very passionate about this.

uky1985 says:

@alestaire7 Devry IS a diploma mill school. Anyone that have common sense
knows that.

009SoundVEVO says:


DeVry University says:

@uky1985 It’s unfortunate that you feel this way. I know that many of our
graduates are really proud of the work they’ve accomplished. Just like many
other top universities, we are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission
(HLC) and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and
Schools. Also our students are backed by a school with 80 years of
experience in providing technology- and business-based higher education.

Cat Brody says:

I attend deVry for graphic and multimedia design. I am happy that I
transferred from Westwood, I think once I finish with my Bachelor’s program
I will probably try and get my master’s from them if I qualify for that one
as well. I might be in my first semester with the school but I am happy
with the quality of my education.

uky1985 says:

@TheDevryUniversity I will admit, that I was bias until I did more research
on your school and I admit I was wrong.

Jair Silvera says:

I am really considering this as my future career and I am really good at
math, but I heard that Accounting is pretty hard, so can this be my career?
Please help.

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