Steve, the GROCO Accounting Joke Teller

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Steve, the GROCO Accounting Joke Teller, fires a series of one liners. Visit what he seriously does at


Graham Jones says:

Im looking for an accountant in birmingham

AaronOlsen1985 says:

LOL love these guys, you should see another awesome joke is “Accounting Puppets”

Kizzerius says:

Lol what is the point of this? xD Love it

dizyootum says:

u suck

cpaman1960 says:

funny guy…haha

aaronandeddieshow says:


mmz77 says:

This is why I want to be a CPA.

Hotmonkeylovin says:

Fuck this! I’m changing majors. I had enough of these jokes.

wushuvirtue says:

Nice one-liners, Steve. Dennis cracks me up…

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