Speaking of Money…It’s Financial Planning Week 2012!

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In light of Financial Planning Week, Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) wanted to talk to Canadians about money. In Fall 2012, we talked to individu…


Maliq says:

That’s awesome, Jeannine! By all means, send them to the ACA site (and be sure and sign up for the afiftiale program because while you’re referring folks, you can also be earning 25% commissions.) You can also continue to refer them to the blog here and encourage them to use the subscribe form as it will keep them on the list for when the blog moves over. I won’t actually be exporting all the posts over to the new blog. Instead what I’ll be doing is manually updating them individually as I go along and then republishing them to the new blog bit by bit.I really appreciate all your contributions and efforts! My feeling is that the more we promote the association on behalf of all of us, the more it benefits each of individually in connecting with and better educating clients. It’s a group effort and you’ve been such a big help in that so thank you

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