Spam Alert .. ‘Tis The Season To Be Spammy .. Fa La La La Laah .. La Lah La Laaah’

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I received a phone call from my ISP#1 .. over in Saskatchewan .. They host my mega account of the domain. This account includes many sub-domain and domain aliases .. like this one! This domain is a domain alias for another sub-domain. I know it gets confusing at times, because I actually host (my business account) on my other ISP#2 server .. and is the originating source for (I’ve duplicated the root to avoid confusion of the passings of clients to this site.

ANYWAY .. is also another domain that is aliased under my account, and in that account I had this pretty cool addalink script that everyone could add their page to my page. Actually, I was also trying to get a link from every country in the world but that never panned out~

So apparently – this is what was happening to my other “Addalink” script today – here are the images of the LAST ENTRY #18,058 … According to the database, it was about 6,000 count with dates from yesterday – so, I received about 12,000 spam entries today ranging to ones like this one (very long) and others that were maybe only 10-15 lines long! What resulted was a huge spike in the bandwidth today, and about 10 MB of space added from URLs such as these.

Believe it or not – this is one long URL (out of 12,000) that was added to my Add-A-Link site today – I had to break it up into three images to screen capture it all!


PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE WELCOME TO ADD YOUR SITE TO MY DIRECTORY LISTING AT .. but it is a human reviewed site (by me!) that approves all links

Steve at mentioned that he’s heard this happening a lot to other ISP’s out there .. that they not only ISP’s .. but SITES as well put their guards down between XMAS and New Years Eve and this is one of the best times for spammers to start adding their spam to directories – like my free addalink among others.

BTW – I have removed the offended links and sites. And, this did not create whatsoever any undue time issues regarding speed, downtime or even amounts over my hard disk limits .. it was just a spike in the bandwidth and my ISP wanted to let me know.



EastVanEsica says:

Looks like you are having spam attacks also. Fa lallalalalaa!

It is quite a lengthy one at that!

Happy New Year 🙂

Hi! It’s mind boggling what people will do. But, you just gotta laugh when you have to break up the URL into 3 full screen image views to see it all!

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