Sorry – My RSS Feed is NOT working

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Another issue from my upgrade Sunday …

When I was required to upgrade my plugins .. I was to also upgrade my ol_feedburner-plugin by Ordered List from my old version 1.0 to version 2.2

If you are familiar with this plugin, what used to happen before is that the plugin redirected all feed traffic to a uniquely identified feed URL … .. Then, I would use this URL as the source feed for this blog in feedburner, so you would get my Feedburner RSS Feed ..

With the plugin, since version 2.1 .. It’s quite easy to create new feed redirections now – as the plugin creates a link for you to help with the creation of the new Feedburner RSS Feed.

However, for upgrades of existing feeds .. the new version notes ..

NOTE: If you’re using the previous version of the plugin with the specific feedburner URL, that URL is no longer available. You will have to reset your FeedBurner feeds to point to your standard blog feed address.
Verify your URLs in the boxes, and click save. At this point, all your feed URIs should be redirecting to FeedBurner.

Currently – My feed is stuck on the the OLD and I am unable to RESET my feed to point to the standard blog feed address of

Perhaps this might be a timing issue as my feed resynchs or has been re-pinged .. but, I just became aware of this issue about 30 minutes ago and still my feed is not working.

Hopefully, this is a temporary solution.

Naturally, if you are reading this in your favorite RSS Feed reader .. I have fixed the problem, so please forgive me and disregard this message!

Take care.


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