Video Update #1 – Michelle MacPhearson

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

* YouTube Description Social media optimization guide available for free!



coastalvacationsrep says:

I think you should create a new video daily!
You are good to look at and you provide great information .
I would watch every day!
Keep the great videos coming!

netkomm says:

Michelle… you are way too smart! 🙂

33mice says:

hey..michelle..didnt know you were this pretty..anyway the social media ebook is very massive..dont know how we will be able to accomplish all the info there but i printed some of the pages there..hope i can get time to do them all!!

lyndoman says:

Excellent video Michelle, I need to listen again. Rich content, love it.

I advise to make notes whilst listening.


ohstaten says:

Michelle you rock ! I’ve been following you so long and your one of the main reasons I use Web 2.0 in my marketing. Plus your a women so I admire you a lot. Please continue doing what you do. I will be watching, reading and passing all your great information to as many people as possible.

tsaunders101 says:

Hi Michelle,

Your free info is much, much better than info myself and others have paid for. Your generous insights are just further proof that we are at the beginning of the Golden Age for small internet based businesses.
Anyone with common sense, a decent net business model and a decent work ethic can succeed with a online business. Thanks to people like you, everything is in place.

Keep socking it to us!

TL Saunders

Top Internet Business Models . c o m

hamer999999 says:

Awesome job Michelle, thank you, really looking forward to you net video, I have always wanted to get some software out.

madkyl says:

Hi Michelle, Thanks for the great information. I always look forward to hearing from you. I own just about all your software and it works great. I look forward to seeing more videos from you in the future. Brains, Business Savy and Good Looking…what a combination.

LaurelSprings says:

Hey Michelle – great update post. Looking forward to more. – Tyler

marshallkirkpatrick says:

Good stuff, hope you’ll continue to make more.

michellemacphearson says:

Thanks so much!

LifeSamadhi says:

Peace Michelle!

Thanx for clearing that up about duplicate content. I never thought about and have been posting duplicate content every since I’ve been online because I just found it more efficient. But since I took the 30 Day Challenge I’ve met some people who been talking about not wanting to risk getting flagged by Google for it, although I’ve never had any issues with it, it did raise my curiosity.

Good looking out!


pickletoon says:

Thanks for the clarification on duplicate content. Answered some questions I had. and looking forward to your new software developing program.

elmerbotha says:

Yip, your in my bloglines!

netfreehost says:

Thanks Michelle for the nice video tutorials. I am going to try pad submission now 🙂

socialmovers says:

Hi Michelle,

Your free insights are priceless. You’re sure to put people on the right path to backlink success.

Thanks for sharing,

freemoneyisgood says:

Michelle, You Rock! I have gotten SO much traffic from things you have recommended!
Thank You, Dan

mystakool says:

Hey Michelle,
Thanks for sharing this info. Really helpful…

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