Social Bookmarking … I just don’t get it ..

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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia describes social bookmarking as:

an activity performed over a computer network that allows users to save and categorize (see folksonomy) a personal collection of bookmarks and share them. The use of social bookmarking is growing in popularity.

This new part of the web started around late 2003, when was launched. It quickly gained popularity, and as many similar services appeared online, tagging became widespread in some other online services. Yahoo agressively persued the trend, launching My Web 2.0 in mid 2005, and aquiring on December 9 of the same year. Thanks in part to Yahoo’s aggressive entry into the field, the practice of social bookmarking has moved closer to the mainstream.

Drawbacks of current implementations include: single word categories, although many services allow multi-words to be enclosed in inverted commas, no mechanism to define or refine categories, no synonym/antonym control or related terms and no hierarchy. The merits of these features have yet to be determined, however, so what may be seen as drawbacks by some may be seen as keeping with KISS principle, or power in simplicity, by others.

A useful feature is RSS feeds per category (tag) that you can subscribe to—alerting you to new links in your areas of interest.

On a few of my blogs, I have added the WordPress Plugin at the end of my post where users can “add to”

I believe I even have gone to all of these sites and create user ID names for myself….

>> But, I don’t use them.

Are they any good? Do you use them? How are you using them? Why are you using them?

I just don’t get it .. but, I think I should ..

BLOGLINES – I understand. I collect RSS feeds from all my favorite blogs and sites that have feeds, and can access new posts and updates from any computer in the world! For me, this is my own desktop, or my wireless laptop.

Now .. I’ve tried to maintain .. HART’s Bookmarks (in the category section) to be current, but everyday I am adding more and more RSS feeds to my Bloglines, and bookmarks to my Favorites.

Can these social bookmarking sites help me keep track of HART’s Bookmarks?

This will be my 2006 Experiment. If you have any answers or comments to my questions above, I assure you .. they were not rhetorical in nature .. I really do want to know!



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