SNEAK PEEK: Crosshairs: The Internal Revenue Scandal

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ThomasPaine3 says:

Liberalism = Nazism

el beaner says:

mark dice brought me here

Jane Smith says:

Why the hell was I added to your circles? I am not interested in your
show, and its creepy that fucking youtube allows creepers to stalk people
without their permission.

Mango Mouth says:

+Mark Dice gives info for free, wtf is this shit?

dalekmoon says:

Obama also closed down Chevrolet dealerships that were Republican (Bill
Heard Chevrolet) and left the Democratic owned Chevrolet dealerships alone.
Now Bill Heard is owned by an Obama supporter, of course the name was

Swag Stars Love and Peace says:

!!!You should thank Mark Dice for this view i just gave you!!!

Nora Cotter says:

OUT the STUPID administration. NO more IRS. We The People have a U.S.
Constitutional right to have our own Nation’s currency and that eliminated

Andrew Froedge says:

Keep at it guys! 

tommystock64 says:

Speaking only for myself I must say this felt more like a rerun than a new
movie .
I guess it’s good for those who weren’t paying attention as it was
happening .
I somehow feel that they still won’t though .

L. Charles Burch says:
Andy Watson says:

most democrats believe that they are good and doing good,they arent.the
U.N. thinks its good, it is not.I believe most of them will find themself
in eternal hell in the near future,along with their friends nancy
peloci,the pope,obama,joel osteen,rick warren,john kerry, erick
holder,hillary clinton,…. Wake up so you dont join them.

Mc M says:

That’s Nasty Piglousy, Harry Red & Barium Oblamo for ya – lying. cooked ass
commie lovin terrorist elites!!!

UNIDEN2211 says:

They are targeting us now, tomorrow they will come for the Congressmen,
Senators and the judges. Who will stop this Administration?

Peter IcYou says:

Is there no real people left????? Or only dog scum?????? Working for a wage
selling out there brothers and sisters….

Brent Newton says:

Notice how nothing has come of any of this? How do you even pretend you
living a democracy anymore?

Peter IcYou says:

Will this expose any of these filthy scum traitor dogs….. They all need
tar n feathering….then execute the scum filth.

NextNewsNetwork says:

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