Small Business Income Tax Planning & Preparation 2011, 2012

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Small Business Income Tax Planning & Preparation 2011, 2012


NappturaliTee says:

Thanks for the info! I was dreading taxes but am less intimidated now.

doriandoti says:


startupbuildervideos says:

Not to be rude #UN#, but I found this rather dry. Try to engage your audience and present your content in a more exciting manner.

Jesse says:

Dear Quentin,Like so many of the other posts, I can only applaud the crliaty of the content of Week 1 and look forward to the rest of the course. In fact it was so clear, I even managed to take notes on a mind map (using XMind) so I have revision notes in the weeks to come. I am also very much looking forward to keeping this up, getting some recognized qualifications and then starting my own bookkeeping business. So many thanks for your help and support. Jamie

seosnatch says:

I rarely ever see a video that hits home like this one.

Vebre says:

Great post and I totally agree with eyehvtring, however there may be another way to look at it. If you charge less than the going rate, and I don’t mean something like $10 an hour, but just a little less to become established in a new venture or a new niche, you can raise your rate later.As an example I have a terrific handyman/contractor, efficient, on the ball, a lifelong passion for what he does and can fix or build anything. At age 60 he was laid off and, unable to find a job, he decided to follow his passion and start his business. He charged a bit lower than the going rate and within a few months was swamped with work, all from word of mouth. After a year he raised his rates and now, 6 months later, he’s even more swamped with work.Just something to think about.

ZenCartEasyHelp says:

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legcaybegins says:

This video is very informative. I think entrepreneurship is very interesting it is what builds the back bone of economies. I have more videos about entrepreneurship. I am trying to network more with people who would like to create their own businesses.

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