Small Business Bookkeeping Methods for Independent Professionals

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Close In this business video I’ll provide some tips and insight into the small business bookkeeping methods. I’ll also show you how to reduce your bookkeeping costs. As a firm of chartered accountants, ca4it accepts a client’s books in absolutely any format whatsoever. And you should see some of the books we receive! NOT pretty! However, keep in mind one vital factor: the more organized your books are when they arrive at our accounting office, the less time we’ll have to spend on them, which means, of course – you got it – your final bookkeeping services bill will be significantly lower. Let me give you a few important tips to help you avoid that situation so you can save yourself some hard-earned cash! Watch the video for more bookkeeping tips and ways to reduce your bookkeeping costs. For more tax tips videos on how to reduce your personal taxes and business taxes visit out tax tips resources at We also have a series of videos on interview tips, resume tips and cover letters in our Marketing You” video resources at is the small business and independent professionals’ choice for accounting and tax services. Based in Toronto with locations across Canada. Grab a copy of our FREE REPORT ” How to Pay only 20% Corporate and Personal Tax” at http


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