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Close Small Business Accounting Software created for the Small Business Owner, Contractor and Subcontractor..Download on a FREE 30 Day Trial


bookkeepingsoftware says:

The software has its own backup facility… However as pc’s can crash and do their own thing we also provide instructions on how to perform manual backups if needed.. There is a dedicated page and video instructions on the main site..

angel rose says:

Being able to backup the data files is something that is very important, my system crashed last year and because I did not have any backups I lost everything. Does easyas provide a way to backup or do we have to do this ourselves

Jayson Pimentel says:

I have used easyas for over 12 months and in taht time I have told over a dozen people about the program, it has saved me heaps of time, and made bookkeeping a lot more bareable

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Thats great!

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startupbuildervideos says:

Hey #UN#, your video has good content, but I am not sure I totally agree with it…

iibi1367 says:


Accounting software selection starts with the detail study of current business practices, followed by gap analysis, requirements definition, ranking of the requirements, preparation of detailed request for proposal, evaluation and short listing of the vendors on the defined criteria, performance of the cost and benefit analysis and finally selection of the best accounting software.

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