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Close Sir GROCO is a humorous accounting video about one man- Sir GROCO. When a medieval army attacks a castle to make the economy look good, Sir GROCO in a battle of the ages, wards off the attack and saves the wealth of the people. The video won an accounting video award from in the category of dangerous and extreme accounting videos. Seo strategy key words: GROCO Castle Accounting Humor CPA Wealth Economy Medieval Battle Financial Advisor Tax Accountant Alan Olsen Dark Ages Knight Battle Sword Battle Knights Accounting commercial dangerous accountant Sir GROCO accounting humor funny accounting video

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cpaman1960 says:

The Sir GROCO video just won award for most humorous accounting video

Aaron Olsen says:

I love satire

oilersrock90 says:

Thats pretty funny. The “attacking the castle to make the economy look better” is satire on the insanely high taxes for people in higher tax brackets right? Or am I completely wrong?

NorthEstate says:

Absolutely hilarious! It makes it point and tells of an epic battle – in just 30 seconds! Brilliantly executed, in a manner of speaking .LOL!

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