Simple Excel Bookkeeping, Accounting Debits and Credits Trainer

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Here is the link to the Excel workbook described in this video: The following video provides a very quick introduction to an Excel bookkeeping workbook that has been designed to train students in learning their debits and credits, BUT more importantly to help them learn the impact on the income statement, statement of retained earnings, balance sheet and key financial ratios. The goal of this video and related workbook is that students will begin to develop the ability to predict the financial statement impact of any financial transaction they might come across in a normal business. If you find this workbook to be helpful, please refer others to this video introduction and related Excel workbook download. I am also open to comments on how to improve this workbook to make it more user friendly. The prior version of this workbook is introduced on a separate YouTube video titled How To Use a Simple Excel Bookkeeping Workbook. You might choose to look that video up as well if you are interested.


Tia Schier says:

This is an awesome video; it helps me understand how each journal entry affects the financial statements. Thank you.

BYUHawaii says:

No, this video is not part of a series. There was a predecessor video and Excel workbook but I didn’t like them as much, that is why I created this one.

Shushanto Bose says:

Is this video in a series of similar videos? If so, where do I find the others, and what order are they in?

Davis Smith says:


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Rajesh Dsilva says:


Kelly Merrill says:

Thanks Kevin. This was a very interesting video to watch!

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