Sexist Legislation in Canada – The Income Tax Act & the CRA

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2 Topics are briefly touched on.
1 – Sexist Legislation that effectively denies benefits to fathers.
2 – A CRA endorsed, Government created guide on how to condescend to everyone online. Praise beautiful young woman good. Insult beautiful young woman bad. Get it? Good! Now you know how treat immature, histrionic, borderline, and narcissistic people in the way that they prefer to be treated. You are truly awesome! Pat yourself on the back for knowing that kind words are better than mean words! The Government of Canada is pioneering the future of video games in the honour and spirit of brave warriors like Anita Sarkeesian & Zoe Quinn.

The Income Tax Act


Fatalnightshade says:

so i tried the you send she reacts and i can tell you i have never laughed so hard all i kept repeating to it was the word "freaky" so yeah seems freaky makes the special snowflakes go cry

Amanda Childress says:

The silly non-interactive piece is strange, had some fun but it has no value at all. Is this what happens with taxation rates as high as they are in Canada? Maybe it because they "dress in women's clothing and hang around in bars". Sorry could not help myself.

Amanda Childress says:

Mr. Belton is in need of a real life! 

Pugglewump1970 says:

The world is so stupid. People are people but we won't ever be treated that way. There will always be someone manipulating the system to garner an advantage. 

jetrpg22 says:

Proof of feminism's goal of inequality … wait MORE proof.

bloodyscythe says:

hmm oddly she doesn't look "white" to me…….other than that the rest of this vid is spot on good work 🙂

Charles Belton says:

I played 'You send. She reacts.' I got stuck in a feedback-loop as she didn't understand the words I was using. BUT NEVERMIND, it's shown me, not only, the true meaning of Xmas, but also how NO-ONE should be questioning Anita Sarkeesian!! Or Suey Park. Or Rebecca Watson. I feel reborn. Good on ya, CRA!!

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