Session 04: Objective 2 – Financial Planning Models

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The Finance Coach: Introduction to Corporate Finance with Greg Pierce Textbook: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Ross, Westerfield, Jordan Chapter 4: Long-T…


willpatton says:

This does make it much more simple. Thank you. I am slightly confused
though: if the Assets side has a greater number at the end than the
Liabilities and Owner’s Equity side creating the unbalanced sheet, why do
we need external financing? Our assets are higher than liabilities and
equity, so don’t we have MORE than we need?

grp3 says:

You are welcome Trae and Haydnette! At which school do you study Finance?

Haydnette says:

Thanks for taking the time to go through this!

trae icuss says:

Thank you so much! was having the hardest time with this but you make it so
simple. i really cant thank you enough this helps me so much!

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