Inc. – Please Stop Spamming Me!

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Okay. I think receiving this spammed email message 8 times per day for every email address I own is quite EVIL of you, and I do not approve. No! I will not UNSUBSCRIBE so you know my email address is real! I don’t hate Santa .. I hate you! SHOO!

Okay. Does it sounds like a worthwhile cause? I am not sure. You go to . Then you fill out a form and for $10.00 .. well, you can send a “Personal Letter From Santa” to anybody, presumably a child.

Okay. Is it me? Their page sucks – it’s a graphic. And .. how many pages of “Legal” terms do you need? Such as:

By purchasing a “Santa” letter at the Website, you understand and agree that the letter will contain a computer printed signature in the fictitious name “Santa,” not by a genuine individual named Santa. Any reference to “Santa” appearing at the Website refers to the fictitious character.

Okay. Geez .. for $10.00 – I think I would be tempted to pay for this service, if I knew the GENUINE INDIVIDUAL NAMED SANTA signed it.

In the meantime. Please stop spamming me.

Okay. ?


steve says:

Just unsub and be done with it. That’s why they post links there.

HART says:

I only unsubscribe to emails and mailing lists that I subscribe to … Don’t you find that if you unsubscribe to these unsolicited spam emails that your spam emails increases 10-fold? At least, it seems to be that way with me. I normally just redirect them directly into the TRASH bin. The good news, is that I probably won’t be getting any more of these santa spam emails until next christmas

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