Searching for a New Theme and Design

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I would be greatly appreciative to receive comments about the design and function of this website .. you may do so in the comments of this blog entry.

What do you think of each of these designs? Which one would you prefer me to select?

This the currently proposed theme .. call COPPER LEAF PLUS

This was my original theme … called GRIMELDA


HART says:

This theme appears to look identical in all Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape browsers. That’s good. There are defaulted plug in options if I were to activate, for a photos plugin, recent comments plugin, recent posts plugin and a few others. I will have to do some work to include pages and links like before. That’s not so good.

HART says:

I’ve changed the current header graphic, from the thumbnail view above .. it’s a picture of a Winnipeg Scene .. where I live (don’t know who took it)

I like the electrical storm effect .. “ya just never know what’s going to be in this here blog!”

-joe says:

You beat me to it. I was going to suggest putting
in the “Monty Python” man in ala

HART says:

Hi Joe.

Yes .. that figleaf would have been okay too .. but, too much cut and paste. This picture (in case anybody is interested) was my 1996 passport picture, with a Moore’s Suit Advertisement and freehand scribbling and texture in Adobe Photoshop (I was bored one day)

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