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This is the classic look but you can get different skins

I needed a little screen capture utility program, and what I normally do is download “trial versions” of programs. Normally, after the 30 days are up I uninstall the program. When I was originally finished using this program however, I did not uninstall it .. I thought it had potential so I just left it as a dormant shortcut on my desktop.

When I started the – [The Blog] and this blog, I thought it would be useful to have a good working screen capture utility, because – let’s face it .. we all like to see some pictures when we are reading the news online or blogs or websites!

If you want to test this utility .. go to and check it out.

I upgraded to the “GOLD” registration for $19.95 USD so I will get: Unlimited email support during the first 3 years after the purchase; 3 year unlimited transfer of the program to new computers (if you buy a new computer you can move 5 Clicks from the old one); and 3 year free upgrades to the newest versions of 5 Clicks.

There is a “SILVER” registration for $9.95 that will get you: Unlimited email support during the first month after the purchase
No transfer of the program to new computers; free upgrades are possible but not guaranteed; and no support or help with registration will be provided beyond 1 month after the purchase.

Of course, if you try it and do not like it .. after 30 days you can uninstall and remove it from your computer.

Which Screen Capture Utility are you currently using?

Take care.


HART says:

For those readers who don’t want to shell out cash for for this screen capture utility … the above link will give you a great tip how to do this for free.

HINT: it involves that “PrtScr/SysRq” Button on your keyboard .. if you hit it, everything on your screen is captured … just go into your Adobe Photoshop or Paint program or any image software program and PASTE the image from your screen into there … then, massage … and then save.


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