SCAM Call from Canada Revenue Agency…I am Justin Trudeau :)

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Folks…I can’t say it enough…Please be fully aware of who you are talking to.
They will try and try again to steal your money.
Apologies for swearing in the video I just can’t stand these people.

Much Luv and be careful out there.


Jackie silveira says:

LMAO!!! i usually pay my taxes and hope the budget will balance its self…lol love it. Next time they call me I will try telling them I'm Bill Morneau….lol

daisywllu says:

Can you do a video for job scammers? Too many people poses as potential employers to scam those unemployed people out of their souls!!!

Jomontae Comrie says:

I would smash you if you were right in front of me! 😂 #CLASSIC

Jomontae Comrie says:

Hey thanks for the like on my comments. Hey great job Bro. You are very intelligent and funny. That's how you handle these Clowns. Keep putting videos like this. Exposing Fraudulent Scam Artists bro they are even here too as well (Toronto, Canada). They come up to you for donations for poor children in a particular or selling rings, chains, or watches. Or selling fake perfumes or colognes. Bro I didn't like the fact that you told this scum that you just lost your mother and you had to cover the cost. If your mom is alive bro that's not a good thing bro. If she's already dead bro it's not as bad.

candi0826 says:

Thank you for making these videos these people are the lowest of the low.

HoneyB SweetNectar says:

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👌👍👍👏 good job, if that was me I would of told them off within 5 min.

Karen Sauve says:

I love how you are telling the scammer off, hang up, and then calmly wish your viewers love. It's perfect.

Infinite Sky says:

These people have no souls

Jomontae Comrie says:

My name is Donald Duck. That's as in Do O as Off N as in Nashville A as in Apple L as in Lie D as in Down. Last Name Duck. Do as in Donut U as in Up C as in Chip K as in Kick. Lol

Jomontae Comrie says:

They are reading from a script the entire time lol. Especially when they say please don't interrupt me while I'm talking (READING A SCRIPT) SMH!!!! Hello Mr. C.R.A Scammer. My name is Homer J. Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Peter Parker, Alex Murphy, Christopher Columbus, Christopher Reeves, George Washington, George Bush, John Lennon.

Jomontae Comrie says:

Lol Justin Trudeau bro I almost died. That's funny as hell I hope you make more videos like this. Maybe Tell them that you're Donald Trump, or Elvis Presley or pretend that you are an age like 14 whereby you're not entitled to work and pay taxes. Lol

Jomontae Comrie says:

Bro great job those motherfuckers called me 5 days ago saying the same shit to me!!!! Thanks for sticking it to those bastards.

kneehowma1 says:

You are so right about the slug Canada is stuck with. Trudeau is a brainless puppet. As for the scammers, they certainly follow the script but when they are asked a question they are completely lost.  Hateful thugs.

marie paradiso says:

Great job 👍👍❤🇨🇦

Ali Alden says:

Bro you were great at the last few seconds!!!

Jackobt Thoronn says:

Thanks body same happened to me..👍👍

Truth Rules says:

These Indian scammers are using bitcoin atms to scam innocent victims now. Good job keeping them on so less they scam.

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