Scam Alert: Fake Canada Revenue Agency Call

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Someone celebrated April Fools today…just got a call from (613) 707-0339 at which a speaker with a heavy Asian accent identified himself as “Officer Ryan Smith” of the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), threatening to charge me with tax fraud. This is a SCAM. I dialed *57 and reported the number. People in the US are getting similar calls, albeit under the guise of IRS and with a US phone number on their call displays.


Edwin Banaag says:

I received this today and called them. He answered as Canada Revenue office. He asked which number did they try calling me. I told him my number. He asked which part of Canada. I told him my city. After hearing my city, he paused and made a deep breath and said, "O my God!!!" With a voice like he is loosing his mind and nervous with low voice like he is going to faint. Then he said, it's a wrong number and hanged up right away. I tried to call back but answering machine now saying "this person you are calling is not available".

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