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This is a follow-up to my previous post, at titled “Do You Have A Start Page?”

As I mentioned earlier, I use as my Start Page. For my blogging activities, I prefer to catch up on other great blogs and news sites (if I can) by using the online site. This site is where I organize all the topics and informational sites that I read daily to keep current in the world news, the world of blogging, and the world within my profession. My bloglines is quite organized. I keep RSS feeds by folder and/or by topic so I can go in and read only specific sections of new RSS feeds that are coming along. For instance, for business related topics I might prefer to read them in the morning. For pet related topics I might prefer to read them later in the evening. For marketing, blogging, or amusing threads .. I might read them during the day, or maybe only once in a while over a few days.

For those few blogs that I follow only periodically in Bloglines, this is what I do

I don’t want to miss anything juicy or interesting, but don’t have the time to read everything or all of the headlines. But I do have time to open my Internet Explorer browser. So, what I did was create a New Page in and added the feeds in this new page. This way, I can just briefly see any headlines that might be interesting to me to go to my bloglines and read. One of the disadvantages of using bloglines, is that it seems to limit only 200 feed entries from one particular RSS feed you are watching, plus it is a pain to re-read previous feeds if you marked those feeds as “read”. So, an advantage of watching the few in my Browser is a way to stop me from accidentally viewing headlines, that I really had no time or intention to read at that time!

Well, in case you are interested in trying this on your own, I will now present you with instructions! You can test it out, by adding 1-800-HART to your Start Page!!

My feed it: —->

In the top left corner, under the MSN logo, click on ADD PAGE … (so not to clutter up your start page)

Create a blank Page, and call it “RSS Feeds”, or any name you want. For the rest of the pictures below, if you click on them, a larger view will be shown with greater detail.

Click on ADD CONTENT. On the box you will see a block of 5×3 dots .. if you left click on it with your mouse, and hold down your left click, you can drag this box to any location on your screen. This is the screen view below I dragged it to the middle column, which was wider.

In the “Search For Content” field, hilight the URL to 1-800-HART’s RSS Feed (Above) by CTRL-C and then paste it into this field by CTRL-V. You can also enter any valid RSS feed in there. If you don’t know the RSS Feed, that’s okay too. Just enter the main website URL and MSN will find it. For example, you could also enter in the field. Hit the GREEN ARROW ==> on the right of the Search field.

The RSS Feed(s) will appear in the next window. All you have to do is click in the box to the left of the feed to “TICK” it. This selects it. Then, at the bottom of the screen – click “OK”.

Congratulations! You have just added my 1-800-HART’s RSS Feed to your “Start Page”!

Just as a reference, if you browse my UTILITIES section, or see the little banner below on other sites, by clicking on it – it should give you the same option to add my RSS Feed to your My.Msn page as well!

Take care.


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