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I forwarded my new blog and RSS Feed to a friend today, and he asked me what RSS was. I thought ….. “Doesn’t everybody know about this yet?“.. so, I wrote an entry about it … here …

The nice thing about bookmarks, is that in your browser .. if you like my site or any other site, all you have to do is CTRL-B or ADD BOOKMARK .. and then when you want to visit me, you can just search your bookmarks and point and click a URL link, without ever having to type it.

The world is changing though. That is the old way. That is the old way that assumes you have time to go around the world and look at all of these bookmarks of yours. Not to mention, that you really are a little computer savvy and have taken the forethought to organize your bookmarks into logical sections. If so, you are a minority.

There is this neat thing call “RSS” .. If you do not know what that is or means, check out the web definition here … You might have seen some newspapers describe it as “Really Simple Syndication” but, that definition is really what it has evolved into – and not what it was created as.

The basic thing that you have to know about RSS feeds, is that you find a RSS reader, which can be a news aggregator, or some type of program external to your browser, and you type in a URL of a RSS feed, and you can see all the headlines, and sometimes the entire article in the reader. You don’t have to go into your browser’s bookmarks anymore. When there is new content – your reader will retrieve that information and give you a glimpse.

A lot of people blog and use RSS feeds. There are a lot of different types of blogging programs. There are programs out there that convert data and content into RSS Feeds that are not blogs. As a result, there are many types of RSS feeds. There are XML feeds, RDF feeds, Atom feeds, there is 0.9 versions, 0.91 and 1.0 and even 2.0 versions.

People like me use a site and company like .. I give them my original RSS feed, in whatever format it originally was, and then they keep track of statistics and rename my feed and convert it so everyone can read it. I usually place these links in a graphical little banner in the “Blog Stuff” section or “Syndication” sections of my blogs.

I used to use a great RSS news reader or news aggregator program, but then one day I went to another computer and I didn’t export all of my RSS feed links that I have been watching, and it was terrible being out of the loop! Since then, I went to an online site that keeps track of all of my feeds from other sites in one location. This way, it doesn’t matter what computer I am on, all I have to do is just access the internet and remember my login information.

That site is …..

For everybody’s convenience, on all of my blogs – I have inserted an easy-click button at the top of the sidebar to subscribe automatically to your bloglines account. This means that if you click it – you will get all of the new posts that I make whenever I make them. You do not have to check your bookmarks and come visit me anymore, unless you know there is new information.

Of course, I have tons of pictures and videos here .. I don’t see why you WOULDN’T want to spend an afternoon browsing this anyway 😀

Take care.

PS: Here are my other blogs and their feed URLs ….

BLAH BLAH BLAH (See previous post where I copied it from this blog in the first place)


RSS is a very powerful blogging communications tool. It’s a must have for any serious blogger. Unfortunately, bloggers don’t do a very good job of promoting the value of RSS feeds in general, or their own blog’s RSS feed in particular. As bloggers, we need to do a much better job of educating not only the general internet community and blog readership about RSS. We also need to better inform some bloggers themselves about the power of RSS.

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