RMR: Canada Revenue Agency Launches Informant Hotline

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Offshore Tax Informant Program offers rewards.


mato gruda says:

lol 15% of what? what if i just call in and give the names of all MPs and

lyan06 says:

Love it! Those telemarketers r so annoying

Loath some says:

OMG I love rick lmao

Rob Pringle says:

Hey Rick! No joke, this type of thing actually exists and is used all the
time in New Zealand. Since they have such a small population, every tax
dollar counts. I just wish we could hold politicians as accountable for


Jakob Lemke says:

Ha ha ha! I love RMR

Hugh Fairweather says:

Canada’s Economic Action Plan’s jobs and opportunities?

Abbas Al Sarraf says:

That was funny

Collin Daley says:

Funny ending

Christopher C says:

Oh man, that cruise ending was hilarious, we’ve all experienced those

loppydisk says:

Only if I could snitch against the government.

lShishkaBerryl says:

im calling right now!

merhik says:

Great job again Rick. love your stuff.

Kiddalee says:

I agree that it’s all going to be false reports from bitter people, and
expensive to investigate for nothing.

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