Rick Mercer Report : Knee in the package

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Making fun of the “hand in your pocket” commercials with a “knee in the package” song for the Canada Revenue Agency.


Adam Burger says:

This is so funny

IrishEyes1989 says:

Rick’s expressions are so funny! 😛

parachuteclubbed says:

What’s in your package?

SexyCerial says:

0:15 That’s Funny

edward5331 says:

HOLY SHIT XD LMFAO, I still feel awkward…..

BigTimage says:

What’s in your wallet?

Rebyiscool says:

this is pretty good

annyomg123 says:

LOL!!!!!!! omg its really late, but i couldnt hold it in!!!

bombangle says:

lol……………… ouch

Strik3rr says:

lol watching this episode on tv and i had to look it up and watch this part again haha

werta5000 says:


sonicspeed95 says:

my friend does that to me alot -_-“

DragonKnight451 says:

“tax” evassion is illegal its better to just get it over with ….ow

deathbombs says:

HAHA the last kick in the “package”

MaverickNinja says:

lol, he tried to block one

combanator says:

this is awsome!!!

falconepunch says:

Rick keep on doing wat you do it is so funny!

Ualright says:

Rick Rocks!!!

XxIamkillaxX says:

I love rick mercer!!
This one rocks

rageman117 says:

HAHAHA rick mercer is the best

Trizzak says:

Hilarity! They did a great job with the song.

Dibrini says:

So he’s in charge of your ass?

sk8ercorey says:

This is soooo funny!!!!

luckydog27 says:

i love this video sooo much.. and that “hand in my pocket commercial” was very annoying, so its funny to see “knee in my package!!!”

NarcasisticGuru says:

omg rick mercer is hilarious

Albert Calzaretto says:

this is amazing

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