Rick Mercer Report : Canada Revenue Agency

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Spoof commercial for the Canada Revenue Agency electronic tax filing program that crashed nationwide.


byronintegrated says:

The Mob is a legitimate organization, they work for their money, and only collect for services rendered. The illegitimate CRA collects without merit, you owe period!

operationcwaI789789 says:

What’s the difference between the Mob collectors and the CRA? One of them doesn’t fuck you over!

groceryalerts says:

This is awesome!

ClaytonBeitz says:

Lead wand?
what kind of black magic is this?

makaylafrke says:

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johnnywhack says:

We all pay taxes here in Canada, a lot of them. It’s depressing how little of each dollar we can actually put towards our baskets of goods. In addition to regressive sales tax, each year we get the opportunity to voluntarily and enthousiastically pay our income taxes. Why do our income tax returns not give us the option of opting out of services we go not want or dissagree with?

edward5331 says:

XD, and I still want ur money

stantonmick says:

lol. lead wand!

redk1234 says:

you’ll just have to report any revenue from out of the country, and they’ll tax you on that

MrMrtelfer says:

Canada, I’m going out of the country for one year. is there a problem if I pay 2010 taxes in 2011? I have a tax credit due to school fees.

thepatweir says:

well.. the earth doesn’t come paved with roads or hospitals…

dezza2001 says:

What is so criminal about taking the money for the services you used over the past year? or are you one of those people who think everything in this world should be free?

studentofsmith says:

BusinessLunch: “I love taxes. Wouldn’t be any Rick Mercer without Taxes and CBC”

No, Rick Mercer has talent. Talent succeeds in the free market.

Only people who suck need government subsidies.

MrMacfan999 says:

Have you seen the canada revenue agency million dollar mistake –

OPRAH WINFREY – Message from Irvin Leroux

whitemanism says:




sirstrongbad says:

Mike Bullard spent half his time apologizing to people in the audience he’d just pissed off. He made me think of someone’s uncle who drinks slightly too much and can’t keep his mouth shut… except someone went and gave him a TV show.

BusinessLunch says:

I love taxes. Wouldn’t be any Rick Mercer without Taxes and CBC

BusinessLunch says:

I love paying taxes. So much fun.

unevenlight says:


RushandSNLfan says:

But…remember the last time a Canadian had a late-night talk show spot? Mike Bullard was good, until people realised leno and letterman are on, and now what? He’s on HOUSE CAPADES for Fox 29! Don’t turn Rick Mercer into nothing, because he is something great! Vote no on Prop 36 today!

alijsyed says:

that was amusing

jackiechan511 says:

I wish the CRA would focus on investing in programs that matter to Canadians whether health care education, environment, housing, infrastructure etc….

kingthecounty says:

‘you finally did and we CRASHED

herenaycomes says:

old school all the way

d2sbydt2 says:

“taking your money old school” lawl

craigmancoolface says:

I bet your fun at parties

Miklegend56 says:

I am glad some can laugh at these pigs at the trough, unfortunatly its not a laughing matter for all Canadians

quixote22 says:

thank you for posting. I never get a chance to RM any more

gameshowjunkie says:

Rick Mercer really needs to have an 11:00pm or 11:30 pm talk show on CBC, like Leno or Letterman. He would do very well!!! I like George Stroumboulopoulos, and what he does, but Rick Mercer is funny.

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