Review: Swift LITE (To-Do List)

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I posted earlier .. HERE .. that my old todo list crashed and that I was using another software to keep track of my workload .. Swift To-Do-List Lite from Dextronet

Well .. I like it. I would recommend it. Try it.

I remember last monday.. April 3, 2006 .. I actually had 72 tasks in my TO-DO list …. and by Friday April 7, 2006 I managed to finish and and get a bunch out of my list last as I completed the job. Then – can you tell me why on Saturday April 8, 2006 I now had 76 items in my TO-DO list?

Welcome to my weekly count and To-Do List total. If you weren’t aware, I do mostly accounting and income tax, with these current months being my most busiest of seasons. I thought I would give myself an incentive and post my weekly “TODO” count up until at least April 30, 2006 out of curiousity.

Here’s how my TO-DO list looks like – at this moment on Monday April 10, 2006

I should mention, that when I do a husband and wife set of tax returns – I only count that as one task. If I do a family of 5 tax returns – I only count that as one task .. (that is provided I have everybody in the family’s information – else the missing person is added to the “coming” task)


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