Review Engagement Report

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We will prepare unaudited annual financial statements, usually in either a bound or unbound format. The financial statements will be formal ‘typed’-looking statements, and contain Notes to the Financial Statements. A REVIEW ENGAGEMENT is a higher level of professional involvement, and there will be significantly more information that will be required, as well as unique informational requirements for your particular business. In a Review Engagement, the objective is to review the financial statements to determine whether they are plausible in the circumstances. Generally, review procedures consist of enquiries of, and discussions with, company personnel and consideration of ratios, trends, etc. to assess the overall plausibility of the financial statements. Engagements will include tax planning, correspondence (if necessary) with Canada Revenue Agency, and filing a Corporation T2 Income Tax Return.


  • Everything that we need listed above for Notice To Reader
  • All bank statements and cancelled cheques for entire fiscal year, including the subsequent following month
  • All credit card statements (used for business) each month for entire fiscal year including subsequent following month
  • All monthly Investment and broker statements
  • All GST and PST Returns filed during and for the current fiscal year
  • Copy of Insurance Premium invoice paid/owing during the year
  • Copy of Property and Business tax assessments
  • Copies of Annual T4/T4A Summary Renumeration and T5 Investment Summary (if filed)
  • Copy General Ledger or data disk required (besides the trial balance)
  • Any unrecorded items, such as items paid by cash not yet repaid
  • Any other significant information we should know
  • Take care.


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