Revenue Canada Fires Worker for Making Video Game

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More News: A revenue Canada worker has been fired for creating a video game based on his job. The Ontario man—an amateur software develop…


CourtingPsycho says:

if ypu actually listened it said amateur developer and to be honest this is the most humeous game ive seen in ages i will gladly throw my money his way and you realise graphics and art arnt anything to need christ a baby scribble drawing would work for a game so stop your bitching TROLL

pFNapalm says:

so if i made a game about doing house work would i get “fired” from that? i hope. im tired of getting dog shit on my fucking fingers.

OroCrimson says:

So I’m curious about that Persona 3-esque background.

OroCrimson says:

So he just needs an artist? Graphics don’t develop a game. They just make it look pretty.

solyypro says:

If anyone wants to make a game like we see today even his whole life isn’t enough,He needs a team of 50+ people working all day for about 4 years or even more.Personally i think making a game about his job is no reason to get fired. i WILL buy this game once it gets greenlit on steam.

EvenFlow12345 says:

You are missing the point… Obviously isn’t made to be visually good looking as with most indie games

tidusian says:

IMO he deserves to be fired, and his game is utter shit. He proudly states that “he is a game developer, but that you wouldn’t know that because of his day job”, well guess why you have such a day job: it’s because you’re bad at developing.

The game is looks like it’s drawn by a 2 year old, on purpose or not, that’s retarded. And asking money for it is even worse, if this was to make a statement, you could have made it free,

Besides that you utilize the press to triple your sales, sad.

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