Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Saving for retirement means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. Billy Eichner and Kristin Chenoweth share some tips.

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snappycatchy says:

Well this rule was probably quietly axed by 45.

Amin EnJan says:

I'm Gonna read that wiki rope page !

Red Polscorp says:

I am 6 foot tall and my weight is 65kg. It's noot good for me to keep my milk under 1%.

Nob ody says:

should do one on credit card processing in the usa. it's pretty crazy how many ppl have their fingers in the pot there. theres middlemen for middlemen for middlemen. I've had to talk to 3 different "back end processors" just to try and fix issues for 1 customer. meanwhile, some processors are actually the proccessor. only have to talk to 1 person.

princepunk says:

Billy Eichner is wonderful

bleachie says:

Well. Time to checking my 401k

Cady Jones says:

Yes and no. Index is fine but just like CDOs and all synthetic instrument, wait for it to blow up. We are not far from it…. congrats

CM Ralph Visual Artist says:

Fidelity Investments TOTALLY RIPPED ME OFF. I rolled-over my 401K ( approx 1/4 of a million) into a low risk, low fee fund they INSTEAD put it in a HIGH RISK fund, luckily I discovered this 3 days after they did it. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM FIDELITY INVESTMENTS.

cchdz says:

Can I still get my certificate?

Sukun Unosawa says:

Haha, I started investing at 21 and I retired at 27, Thank god for Warren Buffett leading me in the right way away from mutual funds.

Járn hausinn says:

Ok this needs to be said. I am Icelandic and live in Reykjavík. There is no such thing as a elf spotter or elf school/class/lecture or anything like that in the entire country. This woman was being scammed… however we do have a penis museum

Spikes says:


Deadly Singer says:

It is just as legit as the real deal. Cause I've live on Iceland for my entire life and newer seen any elves. EVER! Just ask any Icelander who is not a child, Grandparent or crazy and they will say the same.

Christopher Thomson says:

Yes, passively managed index funds are spectacular when the market goes well. But when 2008 comes around and the market drops 40% so does your retirement. Actively managed funds tend to do far better protecting against downside than passively managed. Also having a physical advisor or actively managed fund helps because someone can actually watch your portfolio to drop bad stocks out before they hurt the entire portfolio. Plus in many passively managed funds/index funds/etfs you are unable to sell out of specific positions within the fund and nobody is watching the fund (i.e. Passive) to do it on your behalf. Long story short, there's no cut and dry way to invest. Pretending there is would be just as disingenuous as financial advisors who churn accounts or attempts to guarantee returns.

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