Retire Early with a FIRE Plan – Financial Planning – Part 1

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Want to Retire Early? Don’t Have a FIRE PLAN? Don’t know where to start on your road to financial independence? Do you know where you’re aiming but not how to get there? Build a FIRE Plan (financial plan)! In part one of this two-part series I go over 12 comprehensive steps to creating a foolproof FIRE plan. Financial Planning is the key to personal finance success! Steps 1-6 will give you a start and next week I’ll drop steps 7-12 so that you can flesh out your own financial plan!
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Favorite Books:
The Godfather of FIRE Book – Early Retirement Extreme:
Your Money or Your Life – The first book written on FIRE:
The Wealthy Barber – Interesting narrative personal finance story:

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Investing in Real Estate- Biggerpockets:
The Book on Rental Property Investing – Biggerpockets – I hear good things:
Cashflow Quadrant:
Rich Dad, Poor Dad:
JL Collins the Simple Path to Wealth:

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Mike has a true rags to riches success story that proves anyone can do what they set their minds to. He grew up in poverty bouncing from home to home and realized at age 17, when he moved away for college, that there was this early retirement movement – nicknamed the “FIRE Movement.” It was there, in his college dorm-room that he set out to be the youngest retiree, and retire in only 7 short years (17 to 24 years of age). He achieved the goal of becoming a self-made millionaire, with a young family, at the age of 24 through hard work, extreme frugality, and astute Real-estate investing.
Today, Mike (26) works hard to share what worked for him, what didn’t, and to help educate others on all things Real-Estate and personal finance. He is now on a mission to help educate & assist others on all things Real Estate as they unlock financial independence for themselves! He recently co-founded a full service real estate investment management firm (RightWay Management Inc.) in London, Ontario that specializes in helping investors unlock much higher than normal market returns so that they can unlock early retirement through rental income cash-flow (averaging $1000+/month per property he partners with investors on). He is currently scaling up very quickly, acquiring over one property per week in London with investor partners. Mike has been involved in purchasing 50+ deals with investors & friends in the last 2 years. Subscribe to follow Mike on his journey to help others unlock financial independence!
Disclaimer: I make no representation or guarantee to any of the information or advice in this video. These are just my thoughts & opinions and should not be relied upon as legal or professional advice.
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George C says:

This channel keeps getting better! Remember first seeing you on Matt McKeever’s channel a while back! I’m ‘at least’ lean FIRE at 26… and planning is an area I’m focusing a lot of energy toward now.

Florida Singularity says:

Love the video and channel, but there are way too many ads on one video. 12 minutes in and I've had to deal with about 3 already. Not sure if you are tweaking your monetezation or if this is how you want it – hoping this gives you some good feedback.

craig taylor says:

I like u mate ive retired in my low 40 s but one problem with your channel is a lot of talking but no figures talk is cheap throw some numbers up mate looks like you started around 9 years ago so your timing is great start of the bull run like to hear your plan and numbers for when things about to get shakey numners m8 lets hear some

Arlene Braithwaite says:

Hi Mike I am a 61 year old woman and am really learning a lot from the FIRE MOVEMENT from your videos

Tina Camara says:

Billing that real estate while full time working❤❤❤

Tina Camara says:

How did you do that?

Jordan Roberts says:

Quick question: Are you calculating your savings rate based on pre-tax or post-tax income?

Nik Man says:

Numbers talk!!!! The rest is talk which is cheap

Freedom In A Budget says:

Wow! This was so motivating!!

Fraz Hussain says:

no problem mike bro your always most very welcome at anytime take care rockstar.

Ice Fishing says:

37k gross? So after taxes like 28 k?

Space Monkey says:

Stopped as soon as I saw all the yellow dots. Eash. Take money advice from someone who needs to make money from YouTube. I’ll pass.

Fix the Game says:

Nice FIRE content from a fellow Canadian! Happy to see more out there.

Quest to FIRE says:

Love the FIRE vids🔥🔥🔥 I’ll get there someday! Documenting the good, bad, and ugly on my channel. By the end I hope I’ll prove that the FIRE movement is not dead, AND achievable on a middle class income. (I’m in the USA)

Tommy says:

Hey Mike ! just wondering whenever you mention income like yours/your wife's was it gross income or clean after taxes, deductions , cpp , a company pension plan, etc..

JP M says:

Typical Mike, coming up with genuine, value content. You’re one of a few influencers I directly tell people to watch!


Good stuff man

d's information says:

Thanks for the information. I'm anticipating the follow up video.

Good information.

arnibah vanst says:

Reduce your chance of getting sick by becoming a whole food Vegan.

Fraz Hussain says:

you are the man

Fraz Hussain says:

wow mike bro you are a rockstar i really like the way you always talk and explain things i enjoy listening to u a lot you are a hero keep up the good work your topics are very interesting your very nice.

Brian Pfeiffer says:

The fire plan I like it 😎

don trinh says:

I really need to get on this, but honestly man. I am too lazy. My financial planning is so basic its sad. I want to have financial freedom but i take it in me to go in so deep for planning. All i can do is just push forward and achieve more passive cash flow.

Nice video man!LEGIT my favourite online financial advisor.

J D says:

And you spend your spare time now making YouTube videos. Whatever floats your boat.

ThunderTiger0801 says:

Hey Mike! I absolutely love the content your putting out there! The videos are full of value and fun to watch! ( A few sound effects too much though😉) Im 17 and from Germany and want to get into Real Estate to build passive income streams for the future🔥 What would you recommend me to do in order to get started like what are the first steps🤔🚀

Accuracy Marked says:

When I first started investing on my own diligently 10 years ago…. a $10k loss after 3 months in my small portfolio used to kill and stress me…banging my head at how stupid I was. Now, I can lose or gain $30k to $40k a day and it doesn't even phase me.

Budget de Maman says:

What an incredible video full of good information! Cant wait for next week!

Andrey K. says:

Video after video with horrible editing.
Otherwise the video content is good.

marks90004 says:

Love the vids

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