Rest In Peace Jean Daum

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I am an avid reader of Coffee News .. I read it every week since *AT LEAST* the Palatal Mongolian Stir Fry Restaurant opened up across the street a few years ago .. and periodically whenever I would stop inside Tim Horton’s to each lunch and enjoy an extra large coffee.

There are weird news .. (of which I probably read before on the internet – but, that never mattered) .. there are local community news .. there are horoscopes .. and jokes .. and quizes and advertisements! This Coffee News publication literally made it possible for people – like me – who wanted to enjoy their favorite food joint and coffee or donut place (ALONE) and not be embarrassed to eat there (ALONE) and forced to eat in their car from the drive-thru take-out window.

You don’t have to pretend to NOT watch people as they are sticking their forks in their teeth or picking their nose or have chocolate donut all over their face … You can just enjoy sipping your coffee and lunch or snack reading the Coffee News! Yep! It is nice to sip on a coffee and read the latest issue of Coffee News every week!

Jean Daum was truly an Entrepreneur .. and from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada! I was sad to read that she had passed away yesterday after battling with cancer for years.

My condolences to the family. Coffee News is a great legacy left to the communities of the world – i.m.h.o.


Coffee News has the weeks funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes, lucky numbers and more. Everything in it is fun and entertaining – no bad news here. It is a very big breath of FRESH AIR to millions of readers whose only other source of news is bad or negative.

COFFEE NEWS IS POSITIVE. It provides the “other side of the news”, – something that makes people SMILE!

Coffee News originated in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (CAN) and is the brainchild of Jean Daum, an expert in, not only advertising itself, but in super learning and subliminal techniques as well — many of which she designed and researched herself to make Coffee News one of the most potent, yet affordable advertising publications ever produced.

Coffee News is a weekly publication delivered to restaurants, coffee shops and pubs that also serves the advertising needs of small businesses. It has been proven that people absorb more advertising messages before or during eating, as there is a need for mental input — food for thought– during this time period. Coffee News is designed to take full advantage of this fact.

SOURCE: Coffee News Net


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