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Ben and Ray’s Dad died suddenly and they are both very distraught especially after losing their Mom just last year. When Mom passed she had left everything to Dad in her Will.
But unfortunately for Ben and Ray, Dad never got around to doing his own Will. It just wasn’t a priority for him at the time.
Now Ben and Ray must deal with all of Dad’s legal matters and affairs. They started to think about the various assets that Dad had in his estate and began wondering how everything would be divided up between them.
What they found out is that they both wanted some of the same items that belonged to Dad. They could not decide and then started fighting to the point it began to tarnish their relationship, so Ben decided to call a lawyer for advice. The lawyer told Ben that since Dad did not have a Will, everything would have to be decided in court by a judge.
A lot of Dad’s money was spent in court and his home will now have to go through the probate process as well, which is normally lengthy and expensive.
After going through this mentally and physically exhausting process, both Ben and Ray decided to do more research about the importance of estate planning and were then recommended by a friend to a local law firm who specialized in this area.
The Estate Planning lawyer explained everything to them and even came to Ben’s house to go over all of the information with him and his family. Ben and his wife decided to have their Wills and Living Trusts prepared now, so their children will never have to go though what Ben did with his brother.
They looked at it as giving a gift to the loved ones they will leave behind.

Now Ray on the other hand is still thinking about it and is unsure if he needs his Will right away while Ben and his family can sleep easily with the peace of mind that no matter what happens their family will be taken care of.

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Michael Carey says:

This has been a wake-up call for me. Where there's a will, there's a way. Perhaps this is the way. 

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