Record Of Employment (R.O.E.) and the H.R.S.D.C.

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Employment Insurance (EI)

Employment Insurance (EI) provides temporary financial assistance for unemployed Canadians while they look for work or upgrade their skills. Canadians who are sick, pregnant or caring for a newborn or adopted child, as well as those who must care for a family member who is seriously ill with a significant risk of death, may also be assisted by Employment Insurance.

Being an accountant and working in public practice since 1985 and on my own since 2003, I have had the opportunity to prepare many “Record of Employment” (R.O.E.) forms for my clients over the years. Not every employee needs a R.O.E., if he or she is planning to work at another job. The ones needing the R.O.E. are the ones that are in a hurry to register with the Canadian Government H.R.S.D.C. branch to collect their unemployment insurance benefits.

From their website, the H.R.S.D.C. describes themselves …

The Department of Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSD) is responsible for providing all Canadians with the tools they need to thrive and prosper in the workplace and community. We support human capital development, labour market development and are dedicated to establishing a culture of lifelong learning for Canadians. Among our clients are employees, employers, individuals receiving Employment Insurance benefits, students and those who need focused support to participate in the workplace…. etc etc

Here are a few URL’s in case you were bored and have absolutely nothing better to do, including sleeping – or, if you are an employer you might just want to bookmark these until the time comes that you might need them:

Record of Employment (ROE): General Information

Employment Insurance (EI) and how to order Record of Employment (ROE) forms

For the employees themselves, or should I say the EX-employees … once they receive their R.O.E. they can go down to a Center or even file a claim online at the H.R.S.D. website to apply for their E.I. benefits online.

Anyway ………………..

………………………….. for the employers, and accountants such as myself .. this is the situation:

Timeline: …… Many years ago …

You call a 1-800 number to “R.C.” Revenue Canada and request some R.O.E. forms. The forms are either mailed out to you, or placed available at your nearest H.R.S.D. outlet center in your neighborhood, or you can just pick them up at at the downtown Revenue Canada offices. If you can’t get it today, or tomorrow, or have a pile of R.O.E. forms in your filing cabinet .. you should be able to get a bunch of forms on file in a few days.

Timeline: …… A few years ago …

Record of Employment forms and its serial numbers are being logged by Canada Custom and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada). You can call a 1-800 number “C.C.R.A” to order the R.O.E. forms, but they want to know the business number of the employer that will be issuing. For years, I was just providing my own business number, to stock pile a bunch of R.O.E. forms in my own filing cabinet, but then it started to get too complicated explaining everytime why I keep ordering these forms without having any employees myself (I’m self-employed).

But so what! My client will be filing and needing these forms anyway, so it didn’t matter anymore. I would just call my local H.R.S.D.C. center, and in 2 hours I could drop by and pick up as many R.O.E. forms as I needed.

Timeline: …… Nowadays …

It’s tough. At first, when you called the 1-800 number to “C.R.A.” Canada Revenue Agency (formerly Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) and ordered the R.O.E. forms you needed, you had to now provide two pieces of identification, including your Driver’s License to prove who you are.

Which brings me to my story today.

Today, Monday, I needed a Record of Employment form for a client’s employee that left on Friday. Instead of the Human Resources center, I got call-routed to the new Call Center and ordered the single form I needed. But – there is no way possible that I can pick this up or have it delivered to me. The only option is to receive these forms through the regular mail, after the call center processed the order, transfers the order to the H.R.S.D. , after the Dept. reviews the order, packs the order and mails it out to me … I should have it by Next Monday!


I promised to have this prepared by Wednesday *sigh*

Take care.



Henriette says:

I’m trying to get an answer here.Can I just mail in my ROE Form to the appropriate place instead of driving there to hand it in?My husband owns his own Buisness and employed me for Janitorial Services.I know he must send form to Bathurst,NB.

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