Reclassify Transactions in QuickBooks Online

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Hector Garcia, CPA shows four ways to reclassify transactions:
1) One by One
2) Doing a Journal Entry
3) Batch categorize via the Expenses Tab
4) Use the Reclassify feature in the Accountant’s Toolbox (Accountant’s Only)


Vatsal Thakkar says:

Thanks Hector. It helped while working in office.

Chris Smith says:

Don't forget entry in description box for Journal Entry (audit trail not only for yourself, but anyone else that looks at the books to describe reason for journal entry reclass) 😊Thx

Kimberly Gleason says:

Always Great!

Tracy Smith says:

I only like your post Hector!!

Teddy Ramos says:

Hi Hector, is there a way to cc/bcc myself if sending statements to clients overdue accounts?

Candy Morris says:

How would you classify and record "transferring balance from one credit card to another credit card?

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