Reckon Accounts QuickBooks Bookkeeping- Company Setup

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Setting up a new company file with Reckon Accounts QuickBooks is made easier by following the setup wizard. Mistakes at the setup stage can sometimes not be …


Books Onsite Bookkeeping says:
Moises says:

Mr. ShanonI have tried everything, but there is no way i can stop the user to edit/ dtelee transaction. i only assigned them to create and view a particular task but they are still able to edit and dtelee the data. i have gone through the rebuild process, uninstalled and reinstalled as you have said but nothing is working. as you have said i can recheck the data in an audit trial report, but it is not practically possible to check such a vast amount of data, it restricts only when the company is closed and logged in again by the user, now it is not possible to monitor whether the user re-logged in after every transaction. i thought the basic reason for the check marks i. e. to create, view, edit, dtelee in the (set up user roles) was to assign users what they can and cannot do, i believe the function is not serving its purpose, Quickbook is a very useful software, however this is creating severe problems. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Nathalia says:

Hello!I’m not sure if this has been directly aeerswnd, I did read through but it was a lot! You do seem very knowledgeable. I have one user that I would like for her to only be able to 1) Create Invoices (have this one taken care of) and 2) Enter Accounts Payable ..Only ENTER. I do not want her to see account balances (our company bank balances), I don’t want her to have access to pay the bills but could possibly live with it Is this possible? My goal is to have someone simply enter the bills as they arrive so that I can take care of it from there.Thanks in advance!

Ines says:

Quickbooks automatically blokcs credit card numbers in the payment info tab no matter what access i give them. no one can see it besides me the admin. i need them to be able to see the credit card number because we need to enter it into a whole different program. urgent

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