Reality Check – Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate Improving!

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Trust me .. You don’t want to re-read the whole dang story about my adventures at Best Buy … but the ‘Readers’ Digest’ version of this story is as follows:

I was entitled to a $50.00 USD rebate on my computer purchase .. so I mailed it in.

Today I received the $50.00 USD cheque from H.P. .. so I deposited it into my Canadian Bank Account

And, I received $54.05

That’s 8.10% conversion rate .. or 1.08100000

Average USD Conversion Rates, per Canada Revenue Agency:

The average exchange rate for 2005 was 1.21163240

The average exchange rate for 2004 was 1.30152024

The average exchange rate for 2003 was 1.40146175

According to the Bank of Canada Exchange Rate conversion page – the high for the past 10 years was … January 18, 2002 .. at 1.6132000

Today … May 11, 2006 … 1.0810000

More and more of my friends and acquaintances are driving south to Fargo or Grand Forks (North Dakota) for a quick weekend holiday than ever before. I think Grand Forks might be a good candidate for me and My kinfolk .. (wife & dogs) … come July 2006 .. that and the Beach.

Forget the newspapers and analysts .. what do you think is the reason for the improving Canadian Dollar? The declining United States Dollar?


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