QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop Hosted

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Brock Adams says:

Thanks. I'm a one dog show with several rental properties. Looking for Macbook version for laptop. Not interested in a monthly fee although the last time I purchased QB the software version eventually required an upgrade because the licenses ran out or some other mumbo jumbo from company. Thanks for your explaination

Lynette Imayanagita says:

I really liked you simple yet complex response to this current issue. It has helped me understand about accounting in the Cloud. I appreciate your help!

Jessica Lam says:

Our medical office has between 50-100 employees with 7 offices in different states. Our medical office is looking for an accounting software that will show each office financial statement individually and at the same time it has a function that will let us to have a consolidated financial statement. Can you please kindly advise?

MizMagnoSalsa says:

Will be interesting to see what QuickBooks Online will be like when Lettuce is integrated….

Eric Johnson says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this.  My office has told me in the past that QB Online lacked some flexibility in renaming fields in forms.  That was back in 2010, though.  Do you know if that has improved?  Also, the stock reports are very limiting in both formats.  What are people using to mine better reports?  Specifically, historical sales data comparing years and months to each other by customer.

Joseph Brooks says:

So glad that you enjoy and welcome different opinions and debates.

bboylimpin says:

You have solid knowledge of the different solutions and connected players, making this a richly colored comparison.  Thanks for explaining the differences!

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