QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop (and QuickBooks Enterprise) – and how to choose the right version

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Hector Garcia, CPA presents the key differences between the different platforms of QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) from the perspective of an Accountant and QuickBooks Consultant Reseller.

Comparing QuickBooks Online Essentials, QuickBooks Online Plus, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Accountant, and QuickBooks Enterprise

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John R says:

Thank you the video was very helpful. I really like the comparison chart. You are very easy to understand and follow.

Karen Michalowski says:

Excellent comparison – just catching up on some of these webinars – this will be so handy – especially the different test drives.
Thanks again.

Jessica Salinas says:

Super helpful! I am new to quickbooks and just started with a bailbonds company, this will help keep track of payment reports on the desktop version. I am also wanting to start using this for personal use but I am def looking into the online version just to keep track of cash flow and bills really. I am a millennial so I understand the outdated look with the desktop version which to me looks more confusing, I think I will prefer and find the online version easier for personal use. Thank you!

Keoni El Salvador says:

Hector, I might be incorrect in this assertion, so that is why I am asking you to comment. One major flaw in Quickbooks Online is user administration. Most regular bookkeepers, even if they have limited accounting knowledge will be required to do bank reconciliations. But this function cannot be performed if I only grant limited rights to this bookkeeper. I have to grant him full rights, which opens a Pandora Box, when the bookkeeper will be able to delete and add accounts, and play with Preferences in the system. It feels self defeating.

Keoni El Salvador says:

The desktop version has more features and feels faster. But we purchased several Online licenses, because it feels the desktop has no future, Intuit is going to discontinue it, but they don't want to scare current desktop users by making the announcement. Just look at the new Macs and other Windows computers: they don't come with a DVD drive anymore. All software is going to be in the cloud.

Somen Mondal says:

It is very good and enrich my further knowledge

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