QuickBooks Online Demo

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Mikamiga says:


Lynn MacMullin says:

Will it move over exsisting templates that i have already created for my invoices?

Ampel Pedere says:

tnx 🙂 

Marianne Cuhaci says:

It's not a bad video but I have but I have already had quite a few problems with the setup.  They need to offer webinars, like Freshbooks does….I'm waiting for a more comprehensive video and/or online manual…

Elina Pongracz says:

I/ve signed on for a trial period.  What a mess.  There is no instructions available, and when I tried to enter my expenses, the GST recalculated on a continuous basis on the whole amount , for example, if the last amount was 2,000 and I entered a new expense of 100, it not only adds up the 2000 plus the 100 + the $5.00 GST but then recalculates the GST on the 2105,,,and so on….no clue how to correct this.

Trevor Matheson says:

Nice video…well done. 

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