QuickBooks Online Certification 2015 Prep Webinar 021915

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View this QuickBooks Online certification prep training webinar to help you prepare for the QuickBooks Online certification exam. We’ll begin with an introduction to QuickBooks Online features, set-up & navigation. Next, we will focus on “money-in” related to sales & revenue and “money-out” related to expenses & purchases as well as QuickBooks Online company settings & customization. Last, we will cover reporting, resolving client data-entry errors, troubleshooting as well as additional services such as payments, payroll and apps. Plus, we will discuss tools only accessed through QuickBooks Online Accountant and wholesale billing options. All lessons include the ability to ask questions in this live format as well as in-product demonstration that feature guided navigation and common workflows in the user interface.


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Nandkishor Salunkhe says:

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chaluvadi murali krishna says:

Cash A/c Dr——–xxxxx
       Sales A/c——–xxxxxx

Samiir Abdalle says:

Please help me. What to do when sales men forget the items they sold on cash and I am an Accountant and using quickbooks. Sometimes when i see i record like this;
Cash————————— xxxx
        Other Income ——————–xxxx
Thanks for your help.

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