QuickBooks Online and Paypal with NEW “Connect with PayPal” App

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Learn how to import PayPal transactions into QuickBooks Online with new app.. Try This Bank Feeds video for account classification tips: https://youtu.be/cDP0JJjZYt4

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Ruel DG says:

I have encountered error while importing paypal transactions to QB. I cant find the app tab in my client account. Please help.

Donna Gerlaugh says:

Hector, thank you for your videos — extremely helpful to this non-CPA who volunteers to keep the books for a small alumni association. I agree with your assessment of this new "Connect with PayPal" app — it is very helpful, indeed! As a new QuickBooks user, though, I am trying to figure out how to process a refund that was made from our PayPal account before I transferred any funds from PayPal to our checking account. For example, we had a member who mistakenly paid his dues twice in PayPal, so I refunded one of the payments to him from within PayPal without involving our checking account at all. Then I transferred funds from PayPal to our checking account after that refund occurred. Some time after that transfer I used "Connect with PayPal" to get our PayPal transactions into QuickBooks, and of course the refund transaction came along with the two dues payment transactions. The two dues payments for that member are showing up under the member's name (under "Sales"), but the refund transaction is not showing up as a refund to the member automatically. I suspect I have to create a refund receipt for that refund transaction in PayPal, but I am hazy on how to do that. Can you do another video covering that topic? Again, thank you!

quiks25 says:

It takes a lot of time to understand Paypal statement and I forget again after a while. QuickBooks is fun and I want to focus on getting clients who use QuickBooks Online and your videos really help to understand clients' needs. Thank you.

Barbara Seal says:

What would the equivalent workflow be for QBDT? Uploading a file of transactions from PayPal? Thanks again, Hector!

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