QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Online Banking

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***CHECK OUT PART 1, a 2-Hour Intro Video*** : https://youtu.be/HQwzVJMijkw

And the follow up to this one, QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Mastering Bank Feeds (Online Banking)

Learn QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds in this video!


Stephany Klischuk says:

Hi Hector, Thank you so much for this informative video! I am getting everything set up with quickbooks online but i wanted to know step by step the procedure to get to the reconciling part. We have a construction company, most of the daily materials and other expenses for the jobs are purchased only through cheque. I want to know if i have to enter every single cheque into quickbooks prior to downloading the bank statement and then reconcile. Or can i just download the bank statement and from the scanned cheques which the bank provided, i can put expenses and deposit into their corresponding account and then reconcile?

Derrick I says:

Hi Hector! I have to say I truly appreciate your videos. They certainly helped me last year. This year I jumped back into quickbooks online and noticed that i was unable to reconcile my account from where i left off last year because the amount shows negative by alot yet the bank balance (from where i last reconciled last year) and current quickbook balance are accurate. Do you have any suggestions?

Emily Wilson says:

Hector, you are AMAZING! I just downloaded QB the other day and have been so frustrated. Now I know my issue (not having a correct opening balance from Dec 2016). Perfect timing that you posted this today! Thanks 🙂

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