QuickBooks Online 2017: Getting Started with your books (for Accountants)

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Hector Garcia shows you how to setup your QuickBooks Online Accountant account plus Your Books for free!

Best QuickBooks Online tutorial in 2017 for Accountants…

Part 1 – recorded in 2016:


Saif Jawad says:

Hi Hector,
Is there any difference between the Quick books online and the one that we can install in PC ,,, Sorry but I am trying to learn more about accountant I just started take some classes about it. Thanks

Penny Rossi says:

Can you please do a video or tell me how I can pay a vendor with QB Online with direct deposit/EFT?

Manuel Comprés says:

Hi Hector, I can't find part one. Can you please share the link for the part one.

Thank You!

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